Alec & Mallory | Married

So I am SO excited to share with you this session! Before I moved from Arkansas (like seriously 2 days before we left) I was able to photograph this adorable couple! Ever since I moved to Fayetteville about 2 years ago I had been eyeing this junk yard to shoot in. I had never found the "right" couple that would understand how amazing a junk yard would be to shoot in... haha! I knew it would have to be someone who understands photography... someone who can picture the amazingness with me. Well I finally found them! Alec & Mallory "got it" and could imagine the whole picture! YAY!! So remember that amazing promo video I posted weeks ago? Yeah, Mallory is the brains behind that video and many more stop motion videos she has created. She is such a talented lady and I am so thankful to call her my friend! :) You must go visit her site... you'll be completely amazed!

Enjoy the pics! :)