Birthday Giveaway!

replaunchgiveaway Giveaway time! No website launch is complete without a little giveaway. Am I right or am I right?! : ) I'm giving away 6 of my favorite things! Find out how to get entered to win below.

Faux Fur Throw - Nothing is better this time of year then cuddling up with my hubby on the couch and watching some of our favorite TV shows. This faux fur throw is perfect for just that!

Starbucks - Coffee is one of my all time favorite things!  Right now my favorite drink from Starbucks is a Misto, it's coffee with steamed milk instead of cold milk. It's yummy!

Champagne Gummy Bears - I found out about these from another giveaway that I saw. I knew I had to try them and oh my were they ever good! I'm a huge fan of gummy bears anyway but champagne gummy bears... nothing better!

Madewell - LOVE this store!! Nuff said! : )

11x14 Matted Proverbs 3:5-6 Print - Love this custom print that Winifred Paper created for me! It was the perfect addition to my print wall that I have up in my new home office (pictures coming soon!). Such a wonderful reminder!

West Elm Feather Wreath - I mean come on, what's better then a white feather wreath for you home? LOVE this wreath and think it's the perfect winter accessory for your door!

On January 10th I'll pick 6 lucky winners at random! You have the opportunity to post each day too to increase your chances.

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New Year, New Site!

Yippee!!! I’m seriously jumping for joy that the new Ruth Eileen Photography website live! I’ve been anxiously awaiting for this day and the launch of this pretty little thing! :) It’s finally here and I couldn’t be more thankful! A HUGE shout out goes to Kelly from Winifred Paper. She did such a beautiful job on the whole design of my site. She totally caught my vision and did so much more then I could have imagined. She is seriously one talented lady and I’m SO thankful for all the long hours she put into this site. Also, a shout out to her hubby Daniel, you are the best! He did all the coding for the site. Thank you so much Daniel! Although it’s a new site and new logo, a lot of the same brand elements are the same. Kelly just polished them up and made it more “me”. As a person and business owner I’m always changing. I’ll be the first to say, I’m not a huge fan of change. I’m definitely a routine sorta girl. But I think as I grow this business, things will change. Updates will be made along the way and it’s totally fine. Change is good and I couldn’t be more excited to see what this New Year has for me!!

Now, a little before and after because those are always fun right?! :)





And because I know you all have anxiously been waiting. The reveal of my new promo video that I shot in the fall!! YAY!! Melissa and Megan from Long Haul Films did an amazing job on the video! I love these ladies and am SO thankful they were the ones that shot it. I couldn't have imagined anyone else doing it. They completely reflected in the video who I am as a person and what I want people to know about Ruth Eileen Photography. It's just perfect! Head on over to the "Meet Ruth" section of my website to view the video or you can look on the side bar of my blog to view the video too.

I'm excited for the next few months as I reveal some more fun things (like a tour of my new home office!). I'll also be catching up on blogging some recent weddings and sessions that I did over the fall. Get excited friends! Lots of prettiness coming your way! :) Also, be sure to check back later today for a super fun giveaway in honor of my birthday week (YAY!) and the launch of my new website (double YAY!). It's gonna be really fun week friends! Make sure you stick around! : )

Good News! No travel fees to NC & SC in 2014!!

blog As many of you know (if you're following me on Instagram) Kristin and I have spent a long weekend down in the south. Thursday we arrived in sunny Charleston, and Friday we headed down to historic Savannah. We had such a blast at Drew & Leeanne's Tybee Island wedding on Saturday, and personally I can't wait to go back.

That being said, I'm so excited to announce that in 2014 I will be waiving all travel fees to the Carolinas!! My family lives in Charlotte and I'm always looking for an excuse to give them a visit. If you've got family or friends getting married in North Carolina or South Carolina, send them my way!


Blogshop in Brooklyn!

Towards the end of May, Kristin and I traveled to Brooklyn for Blogshop, a blog workshop hosted by the talented Bri Emery and Angela Kohler. Not only did we learn fun new tricks in Photoshop and how to enhance our blogging skills, but we met some lovely classmates and explored the big city during our free time. Of course, we took every opportunity we could to shoot during our trip, so we’ve posted a few pictures from our adventures below. Some of our favorite shots are of the details in the Patina Studio where our class was held. We would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who finds themselves in the blogging world -- it was a blast!

2013-07-09_0010.jpg 2013-07-09_0007.jpg 2013-07-09_0008.jpg2013-07-09_00562013-07-09_0009.jpg2013-07-09_0005.jpg2013-07-09_0004.jpg2013-07-09_0001.jpg 2013-07-09_0011.jpg 2013-07-09_0013.jpg 2013-07-09_0014.jpg 2013-07-09_0003.jpg 2013-07-09_0016.jpg 2013-07-09_0047.jpg 2013-07-09_0045.jpg 2013-07-09_0002.jpg 2013-07-09_0020.jpg 2013-07-09_0017.jpg 2013-07-09_0019.jpg2013-07-09_0006.jpg2013-07-09_0015.jpg2013-07-09_0018.jpg 2013-07-09_0025.jpg 2013-07-09_0023.jpg 2013-07-09_0022.jpg 2013-07-09_0021.jpg 2013-07-09_0026.jpg 2013-07-09_0038.jpg 2013-07-09_0033.jpg 2013-07-09_0024.jpg 2013-07-09_0027.jpg 2013-07-09_0028.jpg 2013-07-09_0029.jpg 2013-07-09_0034.jpg 2013-07-09_0032.jpg 2013-07-09_0031.jpg 2013-07-09_0030.jpg 2013-07-09_0035.jpg 2013-07-09_0041.jpg 2013-07-09_0037.jpg 2013-07-09_0042.jpg 2013-07-09_0043.jpg 2013-07-09_0040.jpg 2013-07-09_0049.jpg

2013-07-09_0051.jpg 2013-07-09_0052.jpg 2013-07-09_0050.jpg 2013-07-09_0054.jpg 2013-07-09_0053.jpg