Congrats to Giancarlo & Karima!

I want to say a huge thanks to everyone who participated in this years giveaway. Thanks for taking the time to spread the word and get your friends and family (and even strangers) to vote!  It was a long two weeks for the contestants, with many of the days votes changing drastically. One of those times happened Saturday night. Right before I headed to bed on Saturday I checked to see if Lance & Julie were still in the lead since my last checking earlier that evening. They were!  I headed to bed and thought, I think they maybe the winners. I woke up to a big surprise! Giancarlo & Karima took a huge lead over night. Karima made a great point, midnight on the east coast is 6pm in Hawaii. Which meant just as I was heading to bed, they were getting ready to give a little shout out to their hotel guests. I received this email from Karima... "We were hosting a movie night at the hotel for all of our guests, and our general manager gave us permission to 'plug' the was so exciting to see all these strangers taking out their phones to vote for us. I've even ran into some of those guests at the hotel this morning, and they've been voting today too!"

That little "plug" that they were able to give was a huge help for them! They took the lead and stayed in the lead the rest of the evening! Giancarlo & Karima are this years winners of the free wedding photography!! Congrats you two! Excited for your wedding next year in Puerto Rico!!