DIY: Ribbon Decor from Sweet Berry Love Styled Shoot

As we mentioned in our blog post yesterday, brides can do little things here and there to make their wedding stand out, and they don't have to be crazy expensive projects to do so! For example, in our styled shoot we thought that adding ribbon décor would be a nice touch to the Bride and Groom chairs. This décor is very affordable and extremely easy to make. We’ve included the DIY instructions below along with pictures as an example.  

DIY for Ribbon Decor

Materials - multiple colors and textures of ribbon, whatever fits your wedding color scheme - roll of twine or yarn that can be tied securely to the chair back - scissors - hot glue gun



Instructions Step 1: Cut the ribbon to your desired length.



Step 2: Lay out your ribbon pattern, alternating between colors and textures.



Step 3: Using a hot glue gun, fold one end of the ribbon (about ¾ of an inch) over your twine/yarn, and glue ribbon together.

2013-06-27_0010.jpg 2013-06-27_0011.jpg


Step 4: Repeat until you have glued all strands of ribbon, and as quick as that, you are done!