Finalist for the free wedding photography!

Yay!! Kristin and I have narrowed the entries down. I must say, every time I do this it's always SO hard for me to narrow them down to my finalists. I just wish everyone could win! : ) With that said, we decided to increase the finalists from 3 to 5. We just couldn’t narrow it down to just 3… it was way to hard. So here are your top 5 finalists! Lance & Julie

Giancarlo & Karima

Kyle & Brittney

Severin & MJ

Sasha & Megan

Congratulations! Now the fun begins. Tomorrow at 9am EST I will be posting each individual couple’s story along with a picture of the couple. At the bottom of that blog post you will find a poll with each couple’s name listed. You will then be able to start voting for your favorite couple! So be sure and check back tomorrow to get your vote in!