March Goals

I love this verse. I love this promise. I was reminded of this verse multiple times this past month. It's so freeing to trust God with my whole heart. To trust him with the little and big things. To trust him with my life, business and whole heart. I can't do it on my own understanding. So many times I don't understand why things happen they way they do but I trust God that his ways are higher and better than my own. God is always at work: For his glory and for our good!

February was a busy month for me. A lot of traveling and work. February was a month of a lot of wedding inquiries for this year (YAY) and next (double YAY!). I had the privilege of meeting so many fun couples during February and loved hearing all they have planned for their special day!  I'm so anxious for each of their weddings this year! February was also the month that I finished up 2 of the books that I started in January and also started & finished my third book (Erasing Hell by Francis Chan). I've been a reading machine these past two months and I'm so proud of myself!  I'm really not much of a reader... I'd choose to do other things but this year I've really committed to pushing myself. I'm choosing to pick up a book when I'm bored instead of the TV remote... and it has been so rewarding! February was also the month that I visited Austin for the first time!  I had such a wonderful time... I was only there for a few days but I completely fell in love with that city!

Below are a some of my instagram pictures from February...

March is here and it's snowing... it's crazy! This winter has been so bizarre for New England. After months of no snow up here we were greeted yesterday with a fresh blanket of snow. Ugh! Although I love the snow I'm just getting antsy for Spring to be here.  Espcially as I spent today shopping at some of my favorite stores. All those cute spring dresses and colors are so tempting! I'm definitely ready for the warmer weather! :)

March Goals: - research new packaging and client gifts - finish book 4 Adopted For Life by Russell D. Moore - shoot, blog & finish all sessions from this month - make a trip to Chick-fil-a and Shot Cake for date night! :) - work out 3 times a week - research film cameras... this I'm so excited about! - conquer taxes :(