May Goals

It's May!  Which means things start getting crazy busy here at REP. I've got lots of things already filling up my calendar for the month of May... 5 engagement sessions, a wedding, newborn session, 2nd shooting, workshop in Texas, flying to Indiana for my best friends bachlorette party... Oh my!  I've got a lot going on but I couldn't be more excited about each one!  I'm so thankful to have a job that I love!

May Goals!

- try to finish up and deliver all sessions before I leave town for 3 weeks - continue using cash only for all food purchases - Chris and I totally rocked this out last month and it really helped us stay on budget... YAY! - DIY gilded letterpress business cards. Doing this to my new business cards... blog post coming soon! (as long as it turns out ha!) - DRINK MORE WATER!! - buy rubber bands for rubber band reminder (from last month) - shoot & experiment with my EOS 3 camera so that I feel confident with each shot I take - celebrate Chris' birthday on Cinco De Mayo - wait patiently for my new brand launch! :)  hoping to launch in June... crossing my fingers!

April Instagram Recap:

And here are a few film shots... EOS 3 | Kodak Portra 400 | Walgreens