Merry Christmas! | Personal

It's Christmas Eve!  YAY!  I'm so excited to spend the day baking & crafting while watching my favorite Christmas movies!  Then tonight it's the Christmas Eve service at our new church in Massachusetts. I'm so thankful to be spending Christmas this year in our new town, new church and new home in New England!  Although I am missing spending time with family, it's nice for Chris and I to be starting our own family traditions. It's also nice to not be traveling... we can really rest & relax for the next few days! So I've been dying to share with all of you Chris and I's new home!  I absolutely LOVE this place and I think you will too after you see pictures! ;) I thought to myself, why not share with you our home during the holidays... there is something about a tree and Christmas lights that just make it feel so cozy & warm!

I hope you enjoy this tour of our home!

Our living space!  Aren't those windows ahhhmazing?!  I love waking up every morning with all the natural light streaming through the windows. It makes working at my desk that much more enjoyable! :)

My work area is below... my favorite part are the vintage camera's hanging on the wall!

My chicken crate coffee table below!

Three of my favorite pieces in our home... 1) my green chair that I got down in Houston at the salvation army... It's in amazing condition & it was only $50! 2) This mirror that I got at a flea market in Arkansas... I LOVE it! 3) The hutch (I guess that is what you call it). I also got this at a flea market in Arkansas... it was one of the first big purchases that I made as an avid flea marketer! ha! :)

Our Christmas tree! :)  Ever since I was born my mom bought me & my sister's Hallmark ornaments. It's a wonderful tradition that my mom started and I definitely think I'll do the same for my kids!  Last year I was feeling crafty and decided to make a few ornaments for the tree... and this year I decided to make the garland that is around the tree. My sister pinned it on pinterest... you can find it here. I'm still waiting for the perfect tree topper!

I made the ornament above and below.  One of my Hallmark ornaments is above on the right and below on the right is the ornament that Chris and I got while in Africa in 2010.

I love our cross wall!  It's crosses that either friends have given us or ones that I have picked up from antique stores. My favorite is the teal one... I got that at a antique store in Arkansas.

Chris and I's HUGE stockings!  My mom has made each one of the family members a stocking... I've had mine since I was born!

Above: I always have a candle burning... for the past week or so I've had Holiday Sage burning. It's so Christmasy!  A couple of weeks ago I finally turned all my instagram pictures into magnets!  If your interested in making your own I used this company here.

From our home to yours... Merry Christmas! :)