Park Ave | Florida | Personal

On Wednesday I headed down to Winter Park to meet my dear friend Madeleine.  Madeleine and I first met when we attended the same girls bible study back in 2008. Madeleine is now in her final months at Rollins College... she is finished in May!  YAY! :)  We were able to catch up on Wednesday afternoon at the Starbucks on Park Ave.  It was SO fun to see her!  We reminisced about bible study days, photography (Madeleine remembers when I first got my camera and first started my photography journey) and all that has happened in those 4 years since we met! Madeleine, thanks so much for meeting up with me last week! Good luck in your final months of college!  Once craziness of school is over you must make a trip up to New England to visit! :)