Recap on March + April goals + Sneak Peeks!

I'm a little behind on my April goals post... better late then never though. ha!

So March was a wonderful month.  It was a bit slow as far as business goes but I'm taking full advantage of the down time I have right now because starting in May things are going to get crazy! Crazy in a good way of course! :) While putting together my March instagrams I realized how much time I was able to spend with friends, my husband and my wonderful family. I really couldn't have asked for a better month! We had some very unusually warm or HOT weather here in New England. Chris and I were generously given Les Mis tickets which made for a perfect date night in the city! I saw Jasmine Star as she visited Boston for the Fix... it was encouraging to here her speak! I bought a film camera (eek!) and even took my first few rolls while in Charlotte. Spent a week in the beautiful city of Charlotte to visit my family. Had for the first time EVER pizza on the grille... ohhhh my, it's seriously to DIE for! If you haven't tried it before you must! I could go on and on of all that March held for me but I better just end it here and get on with my April goals!

April Goals - continue using cash ONLY for all food purchases (personal monthly budget in full effect!) - design, print & deliver wedding albums to clients - 2nd shoot with 2 super talented friend photographers! :) - drink MORE water and start using rubber band reminder (pinterest) - get my first rolls of film developed! - Arizona for work & fun! - Chick-fil-a date (from last month) - do a DIY craft from pinterest

A few sneak peeks of my adorable nieces & nephews...