Sneak Peeks!

One month till we make the big move to Boston! woohoo!!  Can't believe it's almost here.  This summer has completely flown by... it's crazy!  Amongst all the packing and organizing of my life I've also been busy, busy with sessions & weddings. Just as things begin to slow down a little bit for me we decide to move.  So instead of August being the month to catch up, it's now the month that I'm having to put things on hold... such as blog posts. :(  So... I've decided to just post all sneak peeks until we finally get settled into our new home in Boston. Come September I'll be back to posting and will catch you up on what I've been up to this summer. Sound like a plan?  :) So to tied you over till the end of August early September...

Nathaniel & Kristin - Wedding Day

Wyatt & Devin - Wedding Day

George & Caitlin - Wedding Day

Jeremiah & Kristen - Married

Andrew & Elizabeth - Married/Styled

Ally Jones - Bridal Shower

Rebekah & Easton - Portrait

Tyler & Lindsey - Engagement

James & Julie - Wedding Day

Bradly & Lily - Married

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