May Goals

may May Goals

- buy cork board to finish my wall design behind my desk. I'm gonna use the cork board to pin design inspirations, pretty pictures, fun notes from friends, ect. - hire a designer to design a print that includes the list of things that "fire me up". I don't know if that makes sense to anyone else. haha! I'll be sure to post it when it's finished! - celebrate Chris' (my hubby) cinco de mayo birthday with friends! I'm so excited for yummy mexican food & margaritas this weekend! : ) - attend Blogshop with Kristin in NYC!! YAY! - kick off busy wedding season on May 18th! :) - do a giveaway this month on the blog. Just wait till you see what I'm giving away! - shoot a few rolls of film just for fun this month. I'm thinking NYC & pretty spring flowers!

April Goals

Okay, I know it's April and I'm posting these snowy pictures but I just can't help it. I wanted to share with you these recent scans that came in. These were shot after the last snow storm we had at the beginning of March. I love how they turned out! It was so fun to head outside with Kristin after her head shots and grab a few fun snow pictures! I also handed the camera over to Kristin... she did a great job! I love this picture below! It pretty much sums up how I'm feeling about having Kristin as apart of REP!! : ) 2013-03-28_0017.jpg 2013-03-28_0012.jpg 2013-03-28_0015.jpg 2013-03-28_0013.jpg 2013-03-28_0014.jpg 2013-03-28_0016.jpg 2013-03-28_0018.jpg

- BUY nutribullet. Anyone have smoothie recipes they want to share? I'd love to hear some of your favorites! - blog my recent weddings & sessions from February & March - take part in the #contentmentchallenge. Anybody else interested? I'd love to hold each other accountable. I have a feeling this is gonna be a tough one for me but SO rewarding! - do a DIY project. I really want to paint Thank You cards or Thinking of You cards. - continued from March's goals, reread Visioneering by Andy Stanley

Like always, I love hear other people's goals! Share a link in the comment section to your goals for this month!

March Goals



I'm so ready to begin this new month. February was a wonderful month! I shot my 3rd wedding of the season, I shot my 2nd styled shoot with Poppy Love Weddings, had the opportunity to spend a whole day learning from one of my favorite photographers Heidi and had a relaxing vacation in Texas. February was also the month that I officially brought on a intern for REP... more on that later! : ) February was full of big (but awesome) decisions! YAY! I'm excited to be back in the office tomorrow and start crossing off my goals for this month. March is the month that I continue to Make Things Happen!!

- blog 2 weddings, 1 engagement & my styled shoot - buy a nutri-bullet or something like it. I'm open to suggestions. I'm wanting to drink more smoothies and I'd love to find an easy way to make them. - finish editing my most recent wedding & engagement session - attend Making Things Happen in Chapel Hill, NC!! :) - celebrate my nieces birthday while I'm in NC. Fun fact! My 2 nieces, which also happen to be sisters have the same birthday! How fun is that! - introduce the first ever REP intern for 2013! Y'all are gonna love her, I promise! - shoot more film! Possibly some "just for fun" shoots! -  Reread Visioneering by Andy Stanley

As always I'd love to hear your goals for this month. Post a link in the comments section. I'd love to encourage you along your journey of making things happen too! :)

February Goals



January Goals Reviewed: - shoot my first wedding of 2013 - yep! I can't wait to blog my January weddings. - celebrate my 26th birthday on January 9th! - YES!! and what a birthday it was! You can go to my instagram and see all I was up too! :) - on January 7th I’ll begin my new office hours (Tues, Thursday & Friday 9-5 Sat appt only) and start my morning routine - It's been so great setting official office hours for myself. I'm setting boundraries for myself so that I don't let my work rule my life. I'm gonna be honest, I would SO rather be doing photography then cleaning my house. I love having a clean house but the job of cleaning I'm definitely not a fan of. But friends, it must get done. So setting specific days for errands, grocery shopping & cleaning house is what I need to do. Not just for myself but also for my family. - begin putting together my “welcome box” for new clients – lots of goodies for all you new REP wedding clients! :) - I'm so excited about my welcome boxes for my new clients! It's so important to be that my clients are getting the best of the best. I've gathered some of my all time favorite wedding vendors in the area to give my clients some help. I've also included some lovely wedding inspirations for them. As well as come other goodies too! - have game night with friends - nope. Hopefully we can make this work this month. - Chris and I will have our first class of Financial Peace University - We had our first class of FPU on Monday. Me, being the nerdy type totally LOVED it! I'm so pumped to get started on our budget. haha! I can't wait for all that we'll learn in the class. - blog 2 times a week in January - yep! I think I did a little extra too. - make our bed in the morning - sooo... almost every morning we got this done. Not making our bed is a nasty habit I want to break and WILL break!

February Goals: - make our bed every morning - blog 2 weddings & 2 engagement sessions - visit Texas for a week with my hubby & the band - meet a new friend (Kristin I can't WAIT to meet you... finally!) - start a new book. Have any suggestions? - continue to workout 3 times a week - drink 3 camelbak's a day

January Goals

EOS 3 Porta 400 (i think) Walgreens

While in Texas I set up a couple of "just for fun" shoots.  Here is a little peek at Jeffrey & Jessica's session.  I shot both film & digital for this session. I took the rolls to a local Walgreens to get developed. Wasn't super impressed. Many of the images came back with dust marks all over them. :( I did get a good handful that turned out though. Sending the other rolls I took to a professional lab. Anxious to get those back!

December Goals Reviewed:

-Finish editing my last wedding & 2 sessions - Yep! -Workout 3 times a week - I did 2 out of the 4 weeks. -Make 2013 personal & business goals - Better believe it! : ) - Celebrate Christmas in Texas with family!! - Such a wonderful time being able to spend Christmas this year with family. - Slow down. Enjoy time with family & friends. - YES!  I took a huge break this month from work, blogging and emails. It was just what I needed to do to prepare for the new year. I feel refreshed and ready to conquer my goals for January!

January Goals:

- shoot my first wedding of 2013 - celebrate my 26th birthday on January 9th! :) - on January 7th I'll begin my new office hours (Tues, Thursday & Friday 9-5 Sat appt only) and start my morning routine - begin putting together my "welcome box" for new clients - lots of goodies for all you new REP wedding clients! :) - have game night with friends - Chris and I will have our first class of Financial Peace University - blog 2 times a week in January - make our bed in the morning

If you've set goals for 2013 now is the time to start your monthly goals. Break down your 2013 goals into monthly goals that you set for yourself at the beginning of each month. It will help you stay accountable for the goals that you've set for 2013. Let's help keep each other accountable each month. Let's encourage and push each other to make 2013 our year to make things happen!

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