White Loft Studio | Mentor Session

Oh goodness! Where do I even begin? Not only did I have the amazing privileged to sit under and learn from Heidi (White Loft Studio) but I also got to shoot alongside her. It seriously doesn't get much better then that folks! I have admired Heidi's work ever since moving up north to New England just about 2 years ago. Chris and I then were able to hire Heidi to shoot our "yearly" family pictures this past October! : ) You can ask Chris, I was squealing with joy knowing that Heidi was going to photograph us! haha! I was SO excited!  This was also around the time that I "seriously" began playing with film. I bought my first film camera just about a year ago. The canon eos 3 (35mm). Through out last year I would shoot a little film now and then. You can see my first session with film here. In the back of mind thinking, "It'd just be a fun thing to do on the side now and then". Then I really began to follow Heidi's work. Just ooing and awing over the gorgeousness I saw her create. I found myself wanting to learn more. To really tap in on this different element of photography that I've never experienced before. I started and learned on digital. I never shot film. So after Chris and I's session with Heidi, I inquired with her to see if she'd be willing to do a mentor session one-on-one with me. Lucky me, she accepted! : ) So in February I had the honor to spend a day and learn from Ms. Heidi. It was such an incredible day! I got to pick Heidi's brain and learn from someone who's been in the industry longer then I have. I loved hearing her story of how she got to where she is now and how she made the switch back to film. I got to ask question, after question. It was awesome! I went in knowing just a little bit about how to shoot film and came out feeling confident. Do I still have so much to learn, yes, yes and yes! But with the day that I spent with Heidi and the encouragement she continues to give me I am one step closer! :)

So you're probably wondering, how does this whole film talk affect my business or current clients. That's a great question! This will not effect any of my current clients. I will still be shooting all digital with maybe a few rolls of film mixed in. I plan on taking the rest of this year to get better at this new medium. See what happens. I honestly don't know what the future holds with this film en devour. I don't know if I'll completely make the switch or if I'll be a photographer that does a little of both. I will say though, that when I shoot film. It get's me fired up! : ) I love that it makes me slow down, to process each shot before I shoot. It's so refreshing!

Woah, when I sat down to write this post I really didn't think it'd be this long. ha! I guess that's what happens when you write about something that fires you up! : ) Alright, now onto the pretty pictures! Heidi set up a beautiful table for us to shoot. The light in her home is ahhmazing! Hope you enjoy... this is only the beginning! :) mentor01 mentor02 mentor03 mentor04 mentor05 mentor06 mentor07 mentor08 mentor09 mentor10 mentor11 mentor12 mentor13

Canon EOS 3 - Fuji 400h - Indie Film Lab

All images shot with Heidi from White Loft Studio at our mentor session. Styling by Heidi & pretty floral by Petal Floral Design