The State Room Wedding Photographer | John & Laura

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Ceremony: St. Mary's in Charlestown, MA Reception: The State Room in Boston Dress: Bella Sera Bridal - Essense of Australia Shoes: Cole Haan Rings: Barmakian Jewelers in Boston Suit: Men's Wearhouse Florist: Michele Bernard | Flowers Weddings Events Make-up/Hair: Kenzo Salon in Stoneham Caterer: The State Room Cookies/Cupcakes: Sweet Tooth in South Boston Band: GQ and the Lady Band Invitations: Magnet Street

Algonquin Club Wedding Photographer | Dave & Kate

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Ceremony: Friends home in Boston, MA
Reception: Algonquin Club, Boston, MA Cake: Konditor Miester Dress (designer + bridal shop): Badgley Mischka, Neiman Marcus Shoes:  Jimmy Choo Rings:  Michele Mercaldo Contemporary Jewelry Design, Boston, MA
Make-up: Hillary Rogers Deshler @ 1604 Salon and Spa, Quincy, MA Hair:  Stephanie Guerrero @ 1604 Salon and Spa, Quincy, MA Caterer: Algonquin Club Band/DJ: Shine Invitations/paper: Designed by a friend & family member of the bride, Printed at Goosefish in Boston, MA Favors: Donation to Dana Farber