Winner of the FREE wedding photography!

If you've been following closely and voting every day for your favorite then you probably know who the winner is. Victoria & Nick were totally rocking it and ahead of everyone for most of the week last week. Then on Friday morning I got this message from Kathryn... "We are so not giving up!! I gave Andy a pep-talk this morning.. social media rampage- activated!!!" and sure enough they were taking the lead. It was neck and neck most of Friday between these 2 couples but by Saturday Kathryn and Andy took a HUGE jump in the polls.  As of last night Kathryn and Andy had 5,624 votes with Victoria & Nick at 3,827.  I still can't believe that total, between the 5 couples we had 10,677 votes!!!!  That is crazy and SO awesome!! Thanks for everyone who came by and voted for your favorite finalist! and CONGRATS to Kathryn & Andy on winning FREE wedding photography in 2013!!!  I can't wait for your wedding day!! :)