Blogshop NYC!!

blogshopsneak I'm back! Kristin and I just spent 2 amazing days in NYC for the Blogshop workshop put on by Bri & Angela. I can't even begin to tell you how much we learned!! We learned such great tools that are going to be so beneficial. I wanted to give you just a peek at what we learned. Then hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll do a big blog post with lots of pretty pictures! : )


Kristin | REP Intern

2013-03-28_0001.jpgIt's finally here friends and it's a beautiful way to start off the month! I'm so excited to introduce you to my newest intern Kristin!! This girl is amazing! I can't wait for y'all to get to know her. She is such a blessing to be around and even though I've only known her for a few short months, I couldn't think of a better person to be apart of this business! She brings so much joy into a room! She's got such a huge heart and is always willing to serve in anyway possible. She loves to laugh! We had such a blast shooting together for this post! Lot's of smiles & laughter were had! : )

Now enjoy getting to know Kristin a little bit better! :)

2013-03-28_0002.jpg 2013-03-28_0004.jpg

Your name?  Kristin Suzanne Schroder

Where are you from?  Amarillo, TX

Tell us a little bit about yourself. I am a dreamer. One dream I had for 6+ years -- living in Boston -- came true almost a year ago. I've loved it thus far and am amazed to see all that has happened since the big move. However, I will forever and always be a Texan. Boston is teaching me how to endure and have patience, not only with the weather (I am ITCHING for spring!) but with other areas of life as well. I love to sing, dance, and cook, and I believe that all of these things are best enjoyed in the company of others. 2013-03-28_0009.jpg

Why photography? Ever since I was a little girl, I've enjoyed looking through photographs. I can do it for hours on end. In a way, a photograph "stops the world" and lets you remember what once was, or it lets you peek into a new moment in time. This stirs up joy and thankfulness in me, so how great it is to be a part of making that happen for other people! 2013-03-28_0011.jpg

Who inspires you?  My mom, and the wonderful friends I've been able to do life with over the past few years.

What fires you up?  A good song, mountains/trees/anything outdoors, finding beauty in the unexpected, the glorious Gospel 2013-03-28_0006.jpg

Coffee or tea?  Coffee

Favorite food?  Chips + queso

Current Favorite Band(s)/Musician(s)?  Lord Huron & The Oh Hellos 2013-03-28_0008.jpg

Do you have any hobbies?  Singing, playing guitar/piano, hip hop dancing, hiking

Favorite love song or quote?  Andrew Peterson's "Dancing In the Minefields"

One thing you cannot live without?  My family 2013-03-28_0007.jpg 2013-03-28_0010.jpg

What are you thankful for today? I am incredibly thankful for this past year and all of the blessings brought into my life (that I do not deserve one bit), the faithful love of the Lord, sunshine and 75 degree weather. 2013-03-28_0003.jpg

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Contax 645 | Fuji 400h | Indie Film Lab B&W shots | Digital

White Loft Studio | Mentor Session

Oh goodness! Where do I even begin? Not only did I have the amazing privileged to sit under and learn from Heidi (White Loft Studio) but I also got to shoot alongside her. It seriously doesn't get much better then that folks! I have admired Heidi's work ever since moving up north to New England just about 2 years ago. Chris and I then were able to hire Heidi to shoot our "yearly" family pictures this past October! : ) You can ask Chris, I was squealing with joy knowing that Heidi was going to photograph us! haha! I was SO excited!  This was also around the time that I "seriously" began playing with film. I bought my first film camera just about a year ago. The canon eos 3 (35mm). Through out last year I would shoot a little film now and then. You can see my first session with film here. In the back of mind thinking, "It'd just be a fun thing to do on the side now and then". Then I really began to follow Heidi's work. Just ooing and awing over the gorgeousness I saw her create. I found myself wanting to learn more. To really tap in on this different element of photography that I've never experienced before. I started and learned on digital. I never shot film. So after Chris and I's session with Heidi, I inquired with her to see if she'd be willing to do a mentor session one-on-one with me. Lucky me, she accepted! : ) So in February I had the honor to spend a day and learn from Ms. Heidi. It was such an incredible day! I got to pick Heidi's brain and learn from someone who's been in the industry longer then I have. I loved hearing her story of how she got to where she is now and how she made the switch back to film. I got to ask question, after question. It was awesome! I went in knowing just a little bit about how to shoot film and came out feeling confident. Do I still have so much to learn, yes, yes and yes! But with the day that I spent with Heidi and the encouragement she continues to give me I am one step closer! :)

So you're probably wondering, how does this whole film talk affect my business or current clients. That's a great question! This will not effect any of my current clients. I will still be shooting all digital with maybe a few rolls of film mixed in. I plan on taking the rest of this year to get better at this new medium. See what happens. I honestly don't know what the future holds with this film en devour. I don't know if I'll completely make the switch or if I'll be a photographer that does a little of both. I will say though, that when I shoot film. It get's me fired up! : ) I love that it makes me slow down, to process each shot before I shoot. It's so refreshing!

Woah, when I sat down to write this post I really didn't think it'd be this long. ha! I guess that's what happens when you write about something that fires you up! : ) Alright, now onto the pretty pictures! Heidi set up a beautiful table for us to shoot. The light in her home is ahhmazing! Hope you enjoy... this is only the beginning! :) mentor01 mentor02 mentor03 mentor04 mentor05 mentor06 mentor07 mentor08 mentor09 mentor10 mentor11 mentor12 mentor13

Canon EOS 3 - Fuji 400h - Indie Film Lab

All images shot with Heidi from White Loft Studio at our mentor session. Styling by Heidi & pretty floral by Petal Floral Design

Massachusetts -> Texas

Warm weather is calling my name and I'm SO excited that I've only got one more day to wait for it! I'm headed to Texas with my hubby as he plays at a church just outside of Dallas. We'll be spending the weekend there and then heading South for Houston to spend time with family. I'm planning on soaking up & enjoying this time of rest. I may be doing just a little work here and there but for the most part my computer is gonna be tucked away. :) Ahhh the sound of that, it sounds so nice! I'll plan on responding all emails when I return on the 5th. See y'all soon! MATX

Simplified Planner Giveaway!

... to ME! :) Today I turn 26 and in honor of my birthday I decided to do a giveaway. Sounds like a good idea huh? ;)

Friends, I'm SO excited for this giveaway! I am giving away one of the SOLD OUT Emily Ley Turquoise Simplified Planner Kits + a few extras! Not only is this item out of stock till summer but it is also an amazing way to simplify your life. I love this post by Emily where she describes the who, what & why of the Simplified Planner.

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