Thanksgiving Inspired Shoot

Thanksgiving is almost here, friends! I'm thrilled to share this styled shoot with you all inspired by the holiday. Not only am I incredibly thankful for my job, but I'm also incredibly thankful that I get to work with talented people such as Poppy Love Weddings to make shoots like this one come together! She did an amazing job (as usual!) with the tablescape details and floral arrangements. And how cute are those plates?! Thanks to our great couple who modeled for us as well -- their moments captured here are so precious. :)

Here's to hoping you can enjoy these pictures as much as I did, and to hoping that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-001 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-002 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-003 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-004 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-005 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-006 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-007 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-008 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-009 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-010 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-011 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-012 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-013 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-014 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-015 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-016 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-017 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-018 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-019 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-020 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-021 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-022 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-023 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-024 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-025 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-026 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-027 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-028Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-033 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-029 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-030 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-031 Ruth-Eileen-Photography-Thanksgiving-Shoot-032

Romantic Fall Styled Shoot

Last month I had the opportunity to collaborate with some talented vendors on a romantic fall inspired shoot, and let me tell you, I can't get over how gorgeous it turned out! With help from Wild Folk Studio on florals and design, Winifred Paper on the invitations and custom backdrop, and Sweet Tales Cake Boutique on the delicious and quaint cake, we were able to create a perfectly intimate backdrop for the shoot. And let's not forget about our fabulous couple who modeled for us...there is a whole lot of pretty from them down below. Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did, friends! RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_001 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_002 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_003 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_004 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_005 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_006 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_007 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_008 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_009 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_010 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_011 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_012 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_013 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_014 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_015 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_016 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_017 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_018 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_019 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_020 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_021 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_022 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_023 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_024 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_025 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_026 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_027 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_028 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_029 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_030 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_031 RuthieAllen_RomanticFallShoot_032

Pink & Gold Inspired Styled Shoot

We are so excited to finally share this inspired wedding styled shoot with you! Back in March, we teamed together with a fabulous handful of vendors to make this shoot come to life. Here's a little bit of back story from Phebe of Making Me Events: My approach to wedding design is simple, tell a great story. Vintage place settings, jaw-droppingly gorgeous flowers, handmade accessories which included paper tassels and painted silverware, custom design stationary, and much much more help to pull this beautiful shoot together.

This wedding styled story begins with a healthy dose of playful and pretty by combining whimsical colors like pink, teal, gold and black and ends with one happy team of vendors and fast new friends! Don’t take my word for it! Pour through each and every beautiful picture and get inspired!

2013-07-31_00942013-07-31_0093 2013-07-31_0066.jpg 2013-07-31_0069.jpg2013-07-31_0071.jpg 2013-07-31_0067.jpg 2013-07-31_0095 2013-07-31_0072.jpg 2013-07-31_0082.jpg 2013-07-31_0075.jpg 2013-07-31_0078.jpg 2013-07-31_0073.jpg 2013-07-31_0085.jpg2013-07-31_0079.jpg 2013-07-31_0076.jpg2013-07-31_0077.jpg2013-07-31_0096 2013-07-31_0084.jpg 2013-07-31_0090.jpg 2013-07-31_0091.jpg 2013-07-31_0089.jpg

Event Designer, Paper Tassels & Vintage Place Settings: Making Me Events Venue: The Mary Prentiss Inn Hair & Makeup: MandaMonium Cake: Sweet Tales Cake Boutique Flowers: Poppy Love Weddings & Events Stationery: Blush Design Boutique Bridal Boutique: Flair Bridesmaids Chalkboard Placemats & Stemware: Crate and Barrel

DIY: Ribbon Decor from Sweet Berry Love Styled Shoot

As we mentioned in our blog post yesterday, brides can do little things here and there to make their wedding stand out, and they don't have to be crazy expensive projects to do so! For example, in our styled shoot we thought that adding ribbon décor would be a nice touch to the Bride and Groom chairs. This décor is very affordable and extremely easy to make. We’ve included the DIY instructions below along with pictures as an example.  

DIY for Ribbon Decor

Materials - multiple colors and textures of ribbon, whatever fits your wedding color scheme - roll of twine or yarn that can be tied securely to the chair back - scissors - hot glue gun



Instructions Step 1: Cut the ribbon to your desired length.



Step 2: Lay out your ribbon pattern, alternating between colors and textures.



Step 3: Using a hot glue gun, fold one end of the ribbon (about ¾ of an inch) over your twine/yarn, and glue ribbon together.

2013-06-27_0010.jpg 2013-06-27_0011.jpg


Step 4: Repeat until you have glued all strands of ribbon, and as quick as that, you are done!